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Mobile First & WordPress:

PCC: The Bridge

The Bridge website screenshot

The Bridge is the student newspaper of Portland Community College. The new site is ready for prime time. Legacy documentation and a child theme provide future stability as new editors work on the project.

Green Lents

Green Lents website screenshot

The Green Lents non-profit organization includes a free tool library, pollinator habitats, and a community orchard in the Lents neighborhood at SE 92nd and Foster Road in Portland, OR.

Ace in the Hole MultiSports

Ace in the Hole website screenshot

"MultiSports for Every Body." The Pacific Northwest's most inclusive and fun weekend event. Features: PHP registration form, Facebook feed, Twitter feed, image gallery, and live weather report widget.

Urban Coyote Project

urban coyote website screenshot

This mobile first project is based on the presence of urban coyotes in Portland, OR. Features: Image gallery, links to The Portland Urban Coyote Project (from PSU), and a Smithsonian documentary.

Burrito Masala

Burrito Masala website screenshot

Hypothetically, one of the greatest food carts in Portland. Realistically, it's a tight mobile first website. Features: integrated Google map, one-click text to order, and the full menu.

The Range Finder

Maynard's website screenshot

This is Craig Maynard Scott's photography portfolio site. Currently it's just sample images & placeholder text. Live site coming in early 2018. Features: mobile first design and social media links.


About Web Design:

Mobile First

The “mobile first” method implies a website is designed for optimal results on smart phones – where most web traffic originates. When the site’s viewed on larger screens, additional styling and functionality contribute to the user’s experience (progressive enhancement). Google downgrades search rankings (SEO) if a site isn’t mobile optimized! This isn’t the end-all goal of web design though – users spend more time at sites when visited from “desktop” machines.


Get the right platform for your content. A lightweight, mobile first site may suffice if you only need a few images, an about section, and social media links. WordPress could be used for more robust sites with galleries, forms, a shop, etc. WordPress is the most popular and user-friendly content management system (CMS) on the web. Its dashboard makes it a snap to update and/or edit content. Either way, we can put your site together with custom graphics and photography – all from one studio.


Finally, one of the most important – and often overlooked – concepts in web design is thinking about a site’s visitors. Is the focus of the site clear? And is the site user-friendly? There are measurable usability factors too. Hopefully, providing your visitors with a quality experience (coupled with style and functionality) will bring them back again.


The Mission & The Process:

Meet & Discuss:

  • Intent & mission of the site
  • Determine the primary visitors
  • Estimate the budget & timeline
  • Produce a Statement of Work

Gather Assets:

  • Images, logos, & other graphics
  • Text & other written content
  • Social media links, forms, etc.
  • Compile a brand book

Design & Test:

  • Create structural wireframes
  • Build a working template
  • Ensure all forms & links work
  • Test on multiple browsers


  • It's time for the soft launch!
  • Announce site on social media
  • Get WordPress documentation
  • Final deliverables & backups

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