Web Projects:

Designed & built for artists, small businesses, and the service industry

A site built with custom graphic design and digital photography enhance the uniqueness of your brand.
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A site designed with your business' customers in mind draws traffic.
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Let's get together and build your site...

Mario LoPriore "Hello, World!" is the title of the sample post that comes with a fresh WordPress installation.
Wedgehead pinball arcade Portland


Wedgehead is the premier pinball arcade in Portland, Oregon. Serving bad-ass bar food, stiff drinks, and cold beer. Home to 25 rotating pinball machines from all eras. Their site is a fast, mobile first web build.

Beulahland PDX


Beulahland is a unique, family-owned, old-school Portland restaurant and lounge. This responsive WordPress site features blog categories for publishing fresh content and a built-in social media sidebar.

John Goff: the Cascadia Piper

Cascadia Piper

John Goff: The Cascadia Piper
This mobile first site was built from scratch with Twitter, Facebook and Schema markup to maximize SEO. A Facebook page feed, audio players, and an image gallery provide background texture.

bootstrap 4 template logo

Bootstrap 4

This sample site is built with Bootstrap 4, a popular and versitile framework for web development. It features HTML & CSS templates for forms, buttons, navigation systems other elements for building responsive web design.

the range finder

Maynard's site

This is Craig Maynard Scott's online photography portfolio. Currently, it's just sample images & placeholder text. Live site coming fall 2018. Features: mobile first design and social media links.

Ace in the Hole MultiSports

Ace in the Hole

"MultiSports for Every Body." The Pacific Northwest's most inclusive and fun weekend event. Features: PHP registration form, Facebook feed, Twitter feed, image gallery, and live weather report widget.

Web Design

Concepts & Tools:

I'm hosting sites via Green Geeks in northern California. They provide consistent service and free SSL security certificates (which improve SEO). Plus they're an eco-friendly, solar-powered company. It's reliability paired with sustainability (maybe they'll give me a kick-back for that comment).

Mobile First

The “mobile first” concept implies a website is designed for optimal use and fast load times on smart phones – where most web traffic originates. When the site is viewed on larger screens, additional styling and functionality contribute to the user’s experience (progressive enhancement). Google will downgrade search rankings (SEO) when a site isn’t properly mobile optimized.


Use the right platform for your site. A mobile first site will work if you only need a few images, an about section, and social media links. WordPress is used for more robust sites with galleries, forms, a shop, etc. WordPress is FREE, and is the most popular and user-friendly content management system (CMS) on the web. Its dashboard makes it a snap to create, update and/or edit content.

CSS Grid

CSS Grid is a powerful tool for creating flexible, responsive web layouts in both vertical and horizontal directions (surprisingly, a new-ish concept in web design). This amazingly versitle system streamlines the design process by reducing specificity when styling individual elements and it maintains the content's underlying semantics. Resize your browser to see it in action!


One of the most important – and often overlooked – concepts in web design is thinking about the site’s visitors. Is the focus of the site clear? And is the site user-friendly? There are actually measurable usability factors too. Providing your visitors with a quality experience (coupled with style and functionality) will bring them back again.

Design Process:

Building blocks & benchmarks

Meet & Discuss:

  • Intent & mission of the site
  • Determine primary visitors
  • Estimate the budget & timeline
  • Produce a Statement of Work

Gather Assets:

  • Images, logos & other graphics
  • Text & other written content
  • Social media links, forms, etc.
  • Compile a brand book

Design & Test:

  • Create structural wireframes
  • Build a working template
  • Ensure all forms & links work
  • Test on multiple browsers


  • It's time for the soft launch!
  • Announce site on social media
  • Get WordPress documentation
  • Final deliverables & backups


Thanks for taking the time to make contact.

Let's get your web project started. Drop a note in the comments section describing your concept and I'll get back to you shortly. Use the contact form to send an email, click the envelope in the footer to launch your email app, or send me a Facebook message. I'm looking forward to working with you! Thanks again.- Mario