Bella Pizza

This is a unique project in the portfolio. It’s utilizing quite the handful of tools in the ATD toolbox: graphic design, photography, Squarespace web design, Google Workspace management, graphic design, etc. It the spirit of full transparency, I worked there for two years on weekends and on-call while I was going back to school at PCC. Yes, I needed the work while in school, but I wouldn’t even have even applied if I couldn’t stand behind the quality of the food. It’s top-notch! Ownership changed hands shortly after I left and I’m pleased to say the new management kept me on for all the little things on the recommendation of the previous owner.

Bella Pizza cocktails

Wearing all the hats.

  • Squarespace web design
  • Google Workspace management
  • SEO markup
  • Food photography
  • Custom graphics
  • and more…
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