Full Time Hustle

A 3-month contract turned into a full time job. I’m super excited to see where this goes…

A Balanced Life Health Care portfolio tile

A Balanced Life

A friend of mine from the “before times” and a Wild Turkeys Bowling League co-member, Robin Coleman, built this site for Dr. Julie Kahn back in the mid 2000s with WordPress. Dr. Kahn wanted an updated site with a mobile friendly, modern look and feel to head into the new year (2022). Robin is no longer doing freelance web design so she referred my services – thanks, Robin!

Lead IT Consulting ad

Lead IT Consulting

This was a revamp of a decades old WordPress site with an outdated theme and plugins which had long been abandoned. We gave it a top-to-bottom once-over. Now it’s SEO-focused, user friendly, clean and lean.

DMG HVAC portfolio tile


DMG is a manufacturer’s representative for custom engineered, high efficiency HVAC equipment. DMG has offices in California, Nevada, and Hawaii. DMG also has Manufacturing, Parts, and Service & Controls subdivisions.

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