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DMG is a manufacturers’ representative for custom engineered, high efficiency, top quality HVAC equipment. DMG has multiple offices in California, Nevada, and Hawaii. DMG also has Manufacturing, Parts, and Service & Controls subdivisions as well. The sites connect their marketing teams and technical experts with clients through a variety of options – including directly texting tech support. These sites have a ton of content and it’s all accessible on a mobile device or a desktop. Some custom styling makes it work on Internet Exploder too!


  • Built-in text for technical support function
  • Custom layouts for 9 office locations
  • Media, video, and a solutions blog
  • User friendly events calendar
  • Training classes and career opportunity listings
  • Connected to Google My Business, Search Console, and Analytics

visit DMG

visit DMGN

DMG HVAC website laptop view

DMGN new laptop version

Custom graphic design

The state of California issues stamps to certified engineers to use when signing schematics. Each of the nine DMG offices has a variation of this logo with a customized location script. DMG is named for its founding mechanical engineers: Dokter, Miller, and Gebbie.

DMG engineering stamp
DMG Mechanical Engineering stamp


This represents the two branches of DMG coming back together under one umbrella. The nine orange and white stripes represent their nine offices (and heating/cooling). The icon in the center of the DMG fan is a schematic for a pump on industrial HVAC blueprints.

DMG United soccer crest
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