Thomas Rude

This was a quick refresh to an older, custom WordPress blog. Updating the site, adding a new theme, and cleaning up the user-side for Thomas made it easy for him to edit galleries. This is now a mobile friendly, clean, and straightforward portfolio site.

“My artwork refers to a journey through my own mysterious world, churning up artifacts, looking for answers. It is a dramatization of that which is significant to me when I go to make art. The shapes, colors, materials, ingredients are all specific and agonized over and accidentally stumbled upon. It is often surprising what comes flapping or oozing out and what remains persistently elusive.” 

– Thomas Rude
Thomas Rude's website as laptop mockup

Masonry Style Galleries

With a document for adding/editing galleries, Thomas is running the show himself! The lightbox image view looks incredibly sharp with titles, details about media, and more.

Thomas Rude's site before and after

Before & After

Not built from scratch – just properly updated

  • System upgrade & security certificate
  • Custom tutorials for editing content
  • Responsive design
  • Masonry format galleries
  • Embedded Instagram feed
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