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When Tony Greiner was the head librarian at PCC Cascade Campus and the faculty advisor at The Bridge: PCC’s Student Newspaper, I worked as the digital editor. During that term we redeveloped the paper’s WordPress site and he tasked with creating a document for future students to reference on maintenance, editing, adding pages, etc. It was a blast to work for a guy with so much enthusiasm for the craft.

Years later in his retirement, he decided to write a book about the standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and how complicated it was on both sides. He’s been filing FOIA requests to get to the heart of the events. On the recommendation of a publisher, he asked meet build him a blog site to document the work of writing the book and showcase his previous writings – including a book on library science. He also got me the gig at Historic Irvington redeveloping their site for the 2021 Virtual Home Tour.

Tony Greiner Wildfire author website image

A variety of services for Tony…

  • WordPress customization and training documents
  • Ongoing support for technical issues
  • Typographic design / graphic for logos
  • MailChimp newsletters layouts
  • –30–
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