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I offer freelance web design & development, graphic & print design, and related media services from my studio in the Alberta Arts District of NE Portland, Oregon. I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients – from non-profit boards to industrial HVAC engineers, clothing & jewelry designers to bars & cafés, even a Buddhist monastery. With twenty plus years of print industry and customer service experience, expanding into the world of web design was a natural evolution. It’s also enhanced my previous skillset in photography, graphics, and layout. 

Cat hiding under stairs
#max_babymax – my studio assistant
VS Code screen with closeup
A peek inside at some code

Web Design & Development

Welcome to the intersection of Art and Science! Taking an abstract concept for a site from a simple pencil sketch to seeing it live and in use online is super satisfying. I’ll help you navigate the technology to realize your vision. 

Key items I focus on:

  • Mobile first / responsive design
  • Accessibility (ADA compliance)
  • SEO and social sharing markup
  • Balancing design & functionality

Graphic Design

People absorb ideas more rapidly through pictures than words. Communicate the message behind your brand to visitors and clients visually. A custom, sharp logo expresses insight about your business. Fonts, color, and logos (AKA a style guide) will keep your messaging consistent online and off.

Where your designs live:

  • Logos for web & print
  • Print layout: cards, menus, packaging, etc.
  • Brand style guides (colors, fonts, graphics)
  • Printed / branded merchandise
Helper Honey style guide
Helper Honey: color palette, logo, and packaging insert
WordPress infographic
WordPress - community driven web publishing


Close to a third of all the sites on the web are running on WordPress. This is an open-source, infinitely customizable web publishing platform (or Content Management Service (CMS)). And it’s cross-device friendly – make your site shine on any screen! I’m proud to be involved in the global WP dev community.

Some of the many features:

  • Secure eCommerce for online shopping
  • Custom layouts & responsive design
  • Integrate it with your social media
  • Extensions (plugins) add extra functions

Web Services

Leverage Google’s development tools (with measurable metrics) to maximize the impact of your site. Reports point to solutions for slow loading times, technical errors, etc. And we can track how your visitors use your site. It’s quantifiable!

Tools to optimize your site:

  • Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Browser development tools measure performance
  • SEO and social sharing markup
  • Security for eCommerce (SSL)
Google Chrome Audit results
Google Chrome's development tools

A few other things...

Sometimes stuff doesn’t always fit into organized boxes and no list ever seems complete. If there’s something not listed here, it doesn’t mean we can’t figure it out. Technically, I am a scientist.

The odds and ends of the things we do:

  • Product photography
  • Shopify & Squarespace development
  • Customized WordPress tutorials
  • Web hosting
  • Facebook Pixel (official shop integration)
  • Website redesigns
  • Google My Business connections
  • HTML email templates
  • Get your site to run like it’s hopped up on goofballs
  • Communicate with you as a fellow human being
Thank you note from Elisa Saucy
Who doesn't appreciate a handwritten "thank you" note?

Anchor Tag Design, LLC provides custom web and graphic design for artists, makers, and small businesses. Based in Portland, OR

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