Fetch Pet Hotel

When the former marketing director at Kaleafa Cannabis moved to Texas and opened a doggie daycare and boarding facility, he hired me to build the site for his new venture. The Fetch Pet Hotel site is a clean, tight, and tidy little site. Visitors can checkout reviews (they’re all 5-stars of course!), look at the embedded Instagram feed to see satisfied campers, and make a reservation. We dialed-in the SEO and it’s been great for business. Tom recently told me he’s turning away almost as many dogs as he can board – a good problem to have!

Come, Sit, Stay.

  • Built on the quick with some reusable parts
  • Mobile friendly design
  • SEO markup focused the local market – in Texas
  • Clean & tight, easy to use, and fast to load
  • Chock-a-block with pictures of cute dogs!

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